5G For Federal Government

Course length: 2 days

Course designed for:

Govt I.T organizations, law enforcement agencies, govt. management professionals, 5G Cybersecurity team.


 5G technology is vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are many points of view regarding a wide range of potential use cases for 5G across government. Certainly, all federal agencies that have users who carry mobile devices can benefit from 5G.  For example, The U.S. Postal Service could leverage high data rates and expanded bandwidth to more precisely track drivers and packages.

Consequently, federal agencies need to deploy a strong security posture as they undergo digital transformation and begin to embrace 5G networks.

Learn about:

  • Extending zero-trust security
  • 5G Frequency Bands
  • Domestic Rollout
  • Development and Deployment of 5G Infrastructure
  • Market Competitiveness and Diversity of Secure 5G Infrastructure Options
  • Management of 5G Infrastructure
  • Assess Risks to & Identify Core Security Principles of 5G Infrastructure
  • Assess the Risks Posed by Cyber Threats to and Vulnerabilities in 5G Infrastructure
  • Develop Security Principles for 5G Infrastructure