4G Migration to 5G Training

Course length: 3 days

Course designed for:

Designed for young technical professionals in engineering, managers and others seeking to establish credentials in preparation for migration to 5G NR (SA and NSA) and 5GC networks.


4G LTE Migration to 5G Training, Migration to 5G Networks. Get 5G Live Online Training Classes Delivered by Professional Trainers. LTE, LTE-Advanced, LTE-Advanced Pro, features and enhancements and migration towards 5G.  Other topics include: 5G NR, Air Interface Architecture, 5G Core (5GC) Architecture, Nodes, Interfaces, and Operation.

Learn about:

  • LTE-A Pro functions, analysis, network, implementation
  • Evolution from LTE/LTE-A Pro to 5G
  • Network Slicing in 5G, Cloud and Open RAN Architectures
  • Control and User Plane Architecture and Bearer Types
  • Case studies-folowed by workshops.