5G Citizens Band Radio Services (CBRS) Training

Course length: 2 days

Course designed for: 5G CBRS network architecture, protocols, implementation and security professionals.


ONEGo, that is the commercial name for CBRS. The new Citizens Band Radio Services (CBRS) band has nothing to do with the Citizens’ Band radio service used by truckers. Major telecom carriers will likely use the CBRS band to extend coverage and capacity of their 4G LTE and 5G networks. But the band will also behoove cable operators looking to get into wireless, as well as assorted managed service providers, which could include building management companies.

Your benefits from this course:

  • Learn goals and objectives for 5G networks
  • CBRS and 5G private network concepts
  • End-to-end building blocks
  • How 5G services being supported for private enterprises
  • CBRS Spectrum, Key 5G CBRS Concepts and Objectives
  • More.