5G Network Fundamentals, Optimization Training Course

5G Network Fundamentals, Optimization Training Course

5G mobile communication technology has attracted wide attention from all walks of life in the world. The technology can transmit data at a speed greater than 1 Gbps in the 35 GHz ultra-high frequency band, and the longest transmission distance can be 2 km.

The data transmission speed is fast, the stability is good, the transmission distance is long, the security is good, and so on. 5G mobile communication technology has its own advantages and large wireless coverage.

It has been enhanced in user experience and system security of communication technology and has been widely used in different fields. 4 The 5G network with 100 times higher speed, 50 times lower delay, and 10 times higher density will greatly enhance the technological market space of mobile communication.

With the development and expansion of the Internet, many new vocabularies emerged; ‘‘IoT’’ is one of them. It is not only a significant section of the new generation of message technique, but also a significant phase of development in the message age of the 21st century.

4 The currently commercial 4G mobile communication system has effectively improved the transmission rate and communication capacity by improving and enhancing the network architecture and key technologies on the basis of 3G.15 5G mobile communication technology has not only greatly improved its speed, but also has undergone major changes in technology.

Learn how 5G networks could provide more data bandwidth and less latency using built-in computing intelligence to handle more data more efficiently than today’s 4G networks.

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